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Wine tasting is a story about the love of the moment and artWe invite you to visit a unique wine tasting with Robert Guliev
Touch the subtle art of tasting in a pleasant company of like-minded people


The classic idea of wine is associated with an oak barrel. It transforms the original varietal bouquets into complex scales of fragrances, tastes and body of wine. We age our white wines up to 9, and red ones – up to 12 months in French and American oak barriques, giving them a dense structure, weight and saturation. They can be stored in a bottle for many years, continuing to develop their bouquets up to a very old age.

UAH 900


Freshness, purity, energy and intransigence are the characteristics of the all young. Either to wines. Primary fragrance of grape varieties, airiness of texture and drinkability characterize our most extensive SELECT collection, born by the evolution of tastes and a constant demand for sincerity among people of all ages.

UAH 900

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