Unique winery

Unique winery


The most important thing after harvesting is to deliver it to the plant as soon as possible. If the berry lets the juice out on the way to the plant, the natural wind blowing instantly leads to the oxidation of the most important elements of the juice and the farther the plant is from the vineyards, the less natural trace elements and amino acids remain in the source material. Therefore, our plant stands exactly in the center of our vineyards.

Any bunch cut in the farthest corner of the vineyard gets into production in no more than 20 minutes. This is a record even by European standards. We begin to work with an almost intact bunch.


Good wine is a very delicate drink. That is why wine is appropriate in almost any situation. But this delicacy, sophistication is not just a legend or a marketing stamp. This is a manufacturing need. We were careful to keep each grape berry intact before, now it’s the time to extract future wine from it.

This delicate work is performed by the press produced by the French company Vaslin Bucher. We really like the slogan of this company: “Wine is a delicate balance between land, centuries-old traditions and know-how.” It is a great thought confirmed by a great engineering solution. Vaslin Bucher Press is a versatile juice preparation tool. You can set juice on the pulp for red wines, or on the moust for white wines, you can adjust the temperature, program various pressure and tightness parameters, make small batches of wines, in other words, to carry out any professional plans.


For centuries winemakers have called it the fermenter. We call it the fifth generation vinificator. This is an absolutely futuristic engineering structure with automated wort feeding, pulp mixing mechanisms, filtration, heat-insulating shell and many professional options for modern winemaking. In this vinification tank the wine receives the maximum favored treatment and fully reveals its possibilities.

Wine fermentation is a process whose essence is visible only under a microscope, and to be sure of the final result, we use only special races of yeast that have French patents.


The term “wine maturity” has completely non-figurative meaning. Peace and time are necessary for it to achieve a balance of properties. Usually this process is called aging in a neutral environment, but for ourselves we have decided to consider as “aging” only the period of our wine staying in oak barrel. Nevertheless, the stabilization phase for Guliev Wines is mandatory. Only after several months of stabilization the wines manifest the genuine, full-volume bouquet. Besides that, the selection of batches takes place here. The word of “select” that you can see on the labels of our wines, indicates that we choose only one of several batches, for example, Chardonnay. The other batches continue to be stabilized until improvement, or are sold as wine materials for many other Ukrainian wine-making companies.


Barrel is the second symbol of our profession.

Before creating our own aging tradition, we experimented with French, Portuguese, Hungarian and American oak barrels (barriques) for many years. All of them gave good results. The main factor that influence success in aging is the quality and age of the barrel itself. The structure and origin of the wood give the wine only different shades. More important is the fact that after three, at maximum five years, any barrel ceases to work, and the fragrance of aging in wine becomes exhausted. Therefore, we have to monitor the results of each barrique and prepare in advance a replacement for the exhausted ones.

In general, the aging only seems to be the calmest part of our work. Hundreds of barrels, in several tiers, require manual work to control the quality of aging in each of them. But working with a barrel can lead it to the most serious professional conclusions, it teaches the winemaker to work for the future, thanks to it we better understand the nature of changes in wine over time. We keep wines in an aerated room with artificial climatic conditions. 12 months for red wines and 9 months for white wines.


To have wine stored in your wine cabinets and collections for many years, the last stage of production – bottling and corking – must be impeccable. We use the best, in our opinion, Ribino & Galandrino bottling line. We are aware of that the equipment of this Italian company is preferred by such manufacturers as Martini & Rossi, Cinzano, Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Remy Martin, Camus and Smirnoff, and we have provided a successful finish to our production cycle. At this stage the purity and accuracy of all operations is extremely important, therefore everything is provided: washing the bottles in a special bactericidal aqueous solution, drying using ultraviolet rays, removing air from the bottle, the exact dosage of filling the bottles and their reliable corking.


We use a special elongated cork made of natural wood, and all types of Guliev Wines can be stored for many years safely. Aging in a bottle also changes the nature of the wine. Storing it in the dark and at a constant temperature within 10-15 ° C, complex processes of interaction of substances at the molecular level slowly occur. If you keep Reserve for several years, then the bottle in your cabinet goes into the Grand Reserve category. For red wines, we recommend three years of aging, and four years for the white ones.