Merlot Select

Gentleness | Freshness | Fragrance
Pomegranate flare on cherry velvet is a visual impression of this wine of early ripening grapes. Then the nose and mouth reveal the fragrances of berries and a slight sensation of poppy seeds. Taste and tactile roundness create a pleasant enveloping effect. Merlot is a champion in the accumulation of sugars and allows tannin softness to be combined with expressed spirituose smell.
Alc. 10–13% vol. Volume 0.75 L
Serve at the temperature of 10 – 16°C
The authors advise to decorate with this wine the usual meat dishes, i.e. beef steak, escalope, roast beef.
In the fragrance and taste, crushed poppy, creamy notes and thin astringent velvet are felt.
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