Grape varieties

Grape varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon
Three hundred years ago, the French, improving the local varieties Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, developed a new variety Cabernet Sauvignon. It met two opposite colors and two completely different styles. The soft, as if filled with morning air, Sauvignon berry and the hard, tart drop of Cabernet Franc joined their forces to become famous.

Merlot is an amazing and mysterious variety. Modern DNA research tells that its parents are Cabernet-Franc and some unstated to this day vine. Most likely, incognito endowed him with softness, tenderness and suppleness. It is believed that the name was given to the variety by French white-throated blackbirds, (merle) who chose the planting of grapes and using their special bird flair chosen the plantations of this grape in Bordeaux for their raids.

More than 200 years ago, in the village of Chardonnay in the French Macon region, the vines Gouet Blanc and Pinot Noir were crossed. According to another version, an amazing variety came to France from Lebanon. Like it or not, Chardonnay has become one of the most popular varieties for white wines in the world.

The oldest variety that glorified German winemakers appeared on the banks of the Rhine in the XIV century. We have decided to revive Riesling in Guliev Wines for several reasons. This variety gives unusual and lasting herbal and mineral fragrance. Long aftertaste of Riesling distinguishes it from all other wines. Finally, Riesling has a complete match with our national cuisine.

An old Austrian grape variety, widely cultivated in Western Europe. According to morphological characteristics and biological properties, it belongs to the ecological-geographical group of West European grape varieties.

Ancient Georgian grape variety. Saperavi, however, is one of the few varieties in which the juice initially has a beet-red color. Therefore, its name in Georgian means “dyer.”

Wines from Saperavi ripen very slowly and retain their qualities for a long time (50 years or more).