Family tradition and professional ambition led us to create the first in Ukraine craft wines.

They express the peculiarity of our views on winemaking and the potential of the vineyards of the area where the Moldavian Codri merge with Budjak steppe. Our vineyards and a plant built in 2008 based on the model of the best wineries in Europe are here, in the south of Odessa region.

“Guliev Wines” is not only a business project. We started with souvenir batches of wines, handing them to friends and acquaintances in the form of autographed gifts as a material evidence of our capabilities. Much has changed since then but the idea of “wine for friends” has remained a guiding principle.

Everyone who comes into contact with our family in a variety of aspects begins to make friends with wines. And this is not at all because of personal sympathies. We profess honest winemaking in technology and pricing, we closely follow global trends, so that people who choose Guliev Wines are the beneficiaries of a healthy lifestyle. After all, wine contains the narratives of culture: food, communication, service.

Therefore, our promotion is always associated with the attributes of wine and gastronomic culture: glasses, decanters, ice makers, traditional and new dishes of European cuisine.

All of this cannot be oriented simply toward the object of commercial sociology — the customer. No, we make friends and allies by faith in worthy prospects of domestic winemaking.

Join us!