Composition of wine

Composition of wine

Wine has always been considered as a drink that enhance the strengths and improves vitality. In the 20th century scientists determined the approximate composition of natural red wine. So a glass of wine contains:

80% biologically pure water;

from 8.5 to 15% alcohol obtained after fermentation of grape sugar;

organic acids: citric, oxalic, lactic, malic, etc.

glucose and fructose contained in:

dry wines – up to 0.3%;

sweet wines – up to 20.0%;

semi-dry wines – up to 3.0%;

semisweet wines – up to 8.0%.

phenols and their components, giving a characteristic color and structure to red wine (from 1 to 5 g / l);

aromatic substances that determine the bouquet of wine (several hundred mg / l);

essential oils;




tannins, 24 trace elements, including manganese, rubidium, zinc, fluorine, iodine, vanadium, cobalt, titanium, etc.